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In order to offer our clients the best services, we need to make sure that you are the right fit for our team according to your technical background and your personal ambitions.

Check how to start your career at Cyber64.

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One phone call in English where we get to know you better. We conduct a small talk where we bring to focus specific skills technology-wise, your personal goals, and ambitions, but also determining which skills you think would help you throughout your career path. Encourage yourself for these topics, think them through and prepare for the interview.

The on-site practical interview where you will speak about real business case scenarios and how you would handle them. Here you need to show diversity, analytical thinking, and curiosity.



Our aim is to build a strong, good-functioning team with a focus on common and aligned goals. But the key to great teamwork is mutual respect. So if you have successfully gone through the above stages, you will be presented to our clients and teams. If they select you, you can start working with us!

We want to help you grow and make sure that your word about us will always stay on the market.

Adobe Experience Manager
other positions

Career as AEM Developer

The position we are always looking for.

Do you know what experience fragment is? You can show us how to create a component, configure a template or use context-aware configuration?
Whether being Back End or Front End focused, we are interested in getting to know you since AEM is what we love, breathe and do.

You are always welcome to come to the office to have a cup of coffee or join a call and discuss interesting topics from Adobe Experience Cloud, or deep technical topics with our developers. We have regular discussions about Adobe-related technologies and you are always welcome to join us.

Fill out the form below and you can expect our call.

Career as scrum team member

You have learned about Scrum? Do you have some experience with programming in Java? Enthusiastic about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
We can always find a spot in our team for enthusiastic people like you that fit into our principles.

Feel free to send us your CV for any skill set that you possess or refer a friend. We will either call you to the interview or come back with detailed feedback about what you can improve on. You can not lose. For every friend that we hire, we offer great benefits for you as well.

Apply or send a referral for a friend on the form below.

Upgrade your Adobe Experience Cloud career

If you are an experienced contractor doing work in the field of Adobe Experience Cloud or any related technology, make sure to apply to the form below. We have a unique system of business development where we take care of your career and make sure that you progress on the financial plan and work only with clients that are leaders in their industries.

Fill out the form below and you can expect our call or ....

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