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A brief history of Cyber64

A team of experienced Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) developers wanted to change the way development companies work. Information Technology (IT) is a highly dynamic field where changes in standards are happening daily. This kind of evolution is what makes it so dynamic and appealing. Nevertheless, the concept of a company and corporation has stayed the same for a long time. The truth is that not much innovation has happened to adapt to the changes in the IT industry except for baskets with fruits and ping pong tables in the office. The moment we realized this was the moment Cyber64 was born. Read below to find out more about us.
In July 2021 the Cyber64 was welcomed to the business world in the beautiful country of Croatia. Our headquarter and offices are located in the capital city - Zagreb.

Congruence in our logo

Cyber64 - About Us - Web Development Agency - AEM
This represents our agility, flexibility, and adaptation. Our clients are usually big companies that are leaders in their industries. We are always trying to be congruent with our clients by adapting to their shapes and processes. This allows us to see their business processes from a different perspective which enables us to be INNOVATIVE.

About us

We have experience working in the biggest companies and with the clients that are leaders in their industries to create something new. We started with unique project management processes which have shown the ability to make development time almost twice faster. Our clients are getting a unique approach to their business, and our role is to become the biggest fans and critics of their digital experience. Being agile, we can also fit into existing teams and improve current processes.
Our goal is not to change the standards in the IT industry and their companies. Our example should only demonstrate that in practice, every standard should be modified according to the specific needs of the clients and employees. We simply keep bringing novel ideas into practice. These ideas are sometimes ours, sometimes from our clients or we come up with them together.
When we are not involved in the daily business with our clients, we are spending time developing new tools and practices based on our technical knowledge. We are very proud of what we have achieved so far. Other than our new project management concepts, we are working on automation in the field of Adobe Experience Manager development to shorten the development time, create an instant search engine available for authoring, work easier with image and video renditions, etc.
We have used our technical knowledge to develop unique concepts of business development and recruiting. We own a unique database of people who work with Adobe-related technologies and this way we help our partners to hire employees that are proven experts in their fields.
Products & Services
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